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Test Track Certification by ISO 10844:2021

The specification of test tracks for Pass by Noise Test and other noise tests related to tracks and roads must comply with ISO 10844 standard: 2021 Acoustics – Specification of test tracks for measuring noise emitted by road vehicles and their tires. We can perform measurements in accordance with these ISO requirements:
  • Texture measurement -Mean Profile Depth (MPD) according to ISO 13473 Part 1-4 with surface drone
  • Measurement of sound absorption of road/track surfaces with impedance tubes according to ISO 13472-2.
  • Measurement of transverse and longitudinal irregularities according to EN straightedge beam13036-7.
  • Other additional measurements if required
For that we provide certification and recertification services:
  1. Certification of a new test track: Measurement and evaluation of texture depth (MPD), sound absorption transverse and longitudinal irregularities. Measurement of gradation curves (will be done through a material testing laboratory), characterization of the surrounding environment.
  2. Re-certification: every 2 years: measurement of texture depth (MPD), transverse and longitudinal irregularities; every 4 years: additional measurement of sound absorption.
For the implementation of these measurements and certifications, we are supported by local and international experts to ensure that the measurement and certification results are globally recognized.

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